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If you would like to commit to a Saddleback Aussiedoodle puppy a $300 deposit will hold your spot on our list.   The first person on the list gets first choice of the first litter born, and then second and on down the list.  The selection process will start when puppies are about 1 week old (sometimes earlier). You will be notified that it is your turn to select a puppy we will attempt by email, text and post on Facebook page that new litters are here.  You will have up to 24 hours (less is better for everyone, remember there are people behind you also wanting to make their pick) to let us know which puppy you decided to pick or pass.  If you decide to pass and wait for the next litter your spot on the waiting list goes up.   If you do not answer us, it will be assumed that you are passing on a puppy from the litter(s) and waiting for the next selection process to start on the next litter.  Since you may have several people behind you waiting to select a pup, we ask that you be ready to choose, so that we show respect for everyone waiting in line.  Once you have selected a puppy you will be asked to fill out the guarantee contract and email it back to us. All payments/deposits go towards the total price of your puppy.

We accept venmo, paypal or zelle for deposits.  We also accept personal check for deposits (only). If the puppy you want is not available when it is your time to choose, then your non-refundable deposit goes towards a puppy of your choice in the next litter. 

Deposits are your commitment to buy a puppy from us and therefor are not refundable.  The exception to this would be if we were unable to produce a puppy to your liking in a years’ time.  We do NOT sell puppies based on eye color. 

If you are picking up your puppy in person you can either pay the remainder of the balance via CASH ONLY at pickup. Sorry we no longer accept personal checks, Paypal or money orders for final payments but can take a bank cashier’s check.  We have delivery options to Reno including the airport if you decide to fly in for free or Red Bluff for $100.


SOLID (Non Merles)-  Males: $2300-$2500  Females: $2500-$2700

Merles (ALL COLORS) Males: $2800 Females: $3000

Saddleback Aussie-Doodles


Size preferred:  Toy (under 20 lbs)_____Mini (20 to 30 lbs)_____Standard (about 50 lbs)_____

Color: Red Merle_____Blue Merle____ Black and white/tri ____ Red/brown sable/tri ____

Gender preferred:  Male____ Female____Either_____
Due Date:  2021   

The following terms and conditions are agreed between Saddleback Aussiedoodles (Angela Lewis), herein referred to as the seller and__________________________________ herein referred to as the Buyer.  The seller agrees to sell, and the buyer agrees to buy based on the following conditions.

The purchase price of this puppy is $2300 to $3000. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300 is required to hold a spot on this waiting list.  Make checks to Angela Lewis. This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of a Saddleback Aussiedoodle.  If the buyer changes his/or her mind the deposit is forfeited and NO refund will be given.  Once the buyer has chosen his/her puppy the Saddleback Guaranteed must be filled out and emailed back to us, listing which puppy is to be held.  Buyer has 24 hours from litter announcement and photos to make their pick.

I have read the above, understand and I am in agreement with this contract, and have read and understand the “How our waiting list works” document that accompanies this contract, as evidenced by my signature below.

Purchaser (print)___________________________________________________Date________

Purchaser Address ______________________________________________________

City _______________________________State_________________ Zip Code_______

Phone #_________ -____________-______________ E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________

I will be picking up the puppy _________ I would like puppy delivered___________

Delivery to Reno is free.  Delivery to Red Bluff  $100.

In the event of litigation, the venue shall be Lassen County, CA

Buyers signature _________________________________________

Sellers Signature_________________________________________

Angela Lewis PO BOX 270221 Susanville, CA 96127

Phone: 530-310-2412

Thank you for purchasing a Saddleback Aussiedoodle puppy!

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