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Visiting Policy

Due to the high risk for Parvo and other viruses, I am no longer allowing families to come in and visit the puppies prior to them being ready to go home.  This has been a difficult decision for me to make because I have always enjoyed having families come play with the puppies. In the short time that a family sees the puppies from newborn to four weeks of age it is almost impossible to get a true understanding of each puppies full personality.  I am with my puppies every day and can better observe their personalities as they grow.  I will always assist in the picking process as well as provide lots of pictures and videos.  I am also able to observe dominate, shy and outgoing personalities traits that may or may not work for your family.  I have been successfully assisting families with this for years as many have lived too far to come in person to pick their puppy in person. I will do my best to get you the perfect puppy for your family.

Parvo can literally kill an entire litter (or more) in a matter of 24 hours or less.  Since many of my puppies are spoken for before they are even born, I am not only protecting your puppy but the puppies of so many other families!  Parvo can be carried on shoes, clothing and hands of people or on the feet of other animals.   Parvo lives in the ground, in the grass, concrete and dirt. for years.  Parvo is heartbreaking and expensive to treat with a very high fatality rate in young puppies.  It isn't worth risking puppies health and the health of puppies not yet born.  We do vaccinate with NEOPAR as well as a 5 way before our puppies leave which gives them the most protection possible to avoid ever getting Parvo before leaving our home.  I have known may people who have lost entire litters to Parvo and it is devastating not only to the breeders but to the new puppy owners as well.  Parvo is VERY difficult to kill once it is on your property.  I will do everything possible to protect our puppies as well as your new puppy should you decide on a Saddleback Aussiedoodle.   As a new puppy owner you must stay up on the shots in order to try and prevent your new puppy from getting Parvo.  It is much cheaper to keep up on shots then pay the vet bills trying to save your new puppy.  We also do not allow outside dogs on our property at anytime. We have had outside dogs actually bite at our puppies as they do not know how to handle an active puppy, as well as it can cause the moms to the puppies to go into over protection mode.

If you have any concerns about the conditions my puppies are being raised in I will gladly provide references from families who have been to my house in the past as well as people who have purchased puppies from me in the past.

 I also try to posts pictures and videos of the puppies weekly.

 Thank you for understanding!

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